Fine artist, author and wildly creative mess, Paula Telizyn, the host of the Better Than Cheese podcast, is in search of what makes the perfectly imperfect creative journey.

Her own journey did not fit the picture she had of what it would look like, and, having worked with artists extensively for years, she’s come to the conclusion that the life creative people lead never fits that picture.

Paula Telizyn is an art business mentor, helping artists world wide create thriving, profitable businesses both online and offline.

In the Better Than Cheese podcast series, Paula Telizyn explores what it means to be creative, how to keep going when shit hits the fan, and where to find inspiration.

The lessons one gets from following their creative muse are invaluable and each episode is full of inspiration, information and will give you a sense of belonging to something greater than yourself.

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“Not much in this world is better than cheese, but the creative spark might just well be the one thing that is.”
- Paula Telizyn -