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Art not selling? There are fixes for that

art not selling? There are fixes for that

If your art hasn’t been selling recently, or selling as much as you need it to, it’s easy to blame the economy. Easy, but doing that won’t help you move your art.


People are still buying art right now. Just like they’re buying other things that aren’t for their immediate survival. Just because some groups may have tightened their belts, it doesn’t mean all groups have.


So what’s an artist to do?


You must have a multi-pronged approach to selling and you may have to change how you speak and write about your art. What’s worked before is not working now if you’re struggling.


Here’s what you need to do:

  • PR like mad. I’m not even kidding here. You want to be THE artist for your region, community, topic etc. If you don’t already have a press release, write one and get it out there.
  • Make your art about your clients. Every post, every time you speak or write or whatever. Yes, your art is personal but, I’m so sorry, no one really cares about that. Make it matter to the people viewing. Connect them with your subject, ideas and whatever your work is about.
  • Have a newsletter. Actively get people on it and don’t just say it’s to “stay in touch” or whatever. Again we’re back to making it about your clients. Send that letter weekly.
  • Connect your art to businesses and corporations. Reach out to the ones that resonate with you and present them with a PDF sample sheet and info about how your art will elevate their spaces, make amazing corporate gifts etc. Make it personal. Do the research on who to contact.
  • Get on TikTok. Go make an account if you don’t have one. See what other successful artists are doing on the platform. Pick and choose the best way for you to show up and do so daily. TikTok is still the fastest growing social media on the planet and it’s worth the effort.

In all of these approaches, you’re elevating yourself to the next level of clients through validation, personal contact and keeping your work in the forefront.


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