Episode 47 – Deirdre Amies, the FUN Business & Money Coach

Deirdre Amies is a business and money mindset coach from Queensland, Australia. She helps online entrepreneurs to reignite their spark so they can stop feeling like their business is running them, and shift the balance so they’re leading the way, making more money and having a whole lot more FUN doing it. Her clients learn how […]

Episode 46 – Author and Mentor Paulette Perhach

Paulette Perhach is an author and writing coach with work in the New York Times, Elle, Vice, Marie Claire, Yoga Journal, and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. Her book is Welcome to the Writer’s Life, which was selected as one of Poets & Writers’ Best Books for Writers. She continues to write about writing craft, business skills, […]

Episode 45 – Artist Carol MacConnell

A little about Carol… As an artist, a question I tend to get often is “How do you let your art go after you’ve sold it?” There is a common misconception that each piece an artist makes is like a child or a gemstone, something so personal and rare that giving it away must be […]

Episode 44 – photographer, artist, writer, and journalist Stephanie Barnhill Neal

Stephanie Barnhill Neal is a photographer, artist, writer, and journalist. More importantly, she’s a multigenerational North Carolinian, who is passionate about sharing stories about her state’s past through the use of visual arts and nonfiction writing. . She is the owner of Urban Fringe, an indie media/publishing company that focuses on North Carolina’s arts and […]

Episode 43 – Illustrator Mary MacVoy

Mary MacVoy of MerryMac Art is a freelance illustrator from Southwestern Ontario, Canada..Since 1993, she has contributed visually to a wide variety of creative venues; from children’s books, magazine, newsletter and newspaper spot art, t-shirt design, poster design, commercial packaging illustration, comic books, logo & business card design, murals, colouring pages & adult colouring books, […]

Episode 42 – Creative Entrepreneur Christine Noble

Christine Noble, owner and founder of the Feel Good Institute, creator of AMP – Amplified Mindfulness Practice, published author, story teller, certified life coach, Meditation Instructor, Hypnotherapist, lyricist and long time entrepreneur..She has been ‘unplugged’ from normal for a long time. Creating a joy-filled life that works is number 1 priority. A better life is […]

Episode 41 – Artist Laura Donaldson

Laura Donaldson is a British contemporary abstract landscape painter who lives and works in South Derbyshire in the heart of the British countryside. Sounded by an ancient woodland, she has been inspired by the history and possibility around her. . Laura is moved by the colour and light, informed by the changing seasons and weather […]

Episode 40 – Creative Entrepreneur Leslie Damstra

Hi! I am Leslie Damstra. I am a first generation Canadian and am now the second generation owner of my family business, Reflections Art and Framing..I worked with/for my parents off and on since she was 12 years old. I went and did other things for about 25 years including auto parts manufacturing and business […]

Episode 39 – Artist Liz Chaderton

It is easy to overlook the beauty around us, but Liz’s joyful watercolours reconnect you to nature, leaving space for your imagination to wander. They aim to bring a smile and a moment to pause no matter busy your life gets. Liz creates paintings which help people see the natural world in a new and […]

Episode 38 – Content Creator, Photographer, Writer and Welder Whitney South

Since graduating from Conestoga College with a print journalism diploma in 2013, Whitney has worked as a multimedia journalist for several publications across southwestern Ontario — most recently, Our London magazine. ​ After growing up in Kitchener, Whitney spent several years living in both Toronto and Vancouver before returning to Ontario to continue her education […]