You can learn how to Sell Your Art Successfully and leverage the global market of fans who are dying to buy your art

Okay, so let's do a reality check

You want to be a successful artist, and you’re willing to embrace your power to make it happen
You’re willing and ready to be in the public eye, being interviewed on podcasts and for magazine and newspaper articles
You feel like you don’t know enough about the business of art to sell with confidence to people who are ready and willing to buy

Hi, I’m Paula Telizyn, And I’m on a mission to help you have the art career you never thought you could have

Ready to be Better Than Cheese?

Get full access to content designed to help ambitious artists super-charge their art business and get them the publicity and eyes on their work that they deserve

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Video and text based lessons you can do at your own pace
A minimum of FOUR new lessons every month
Information you can use right now in your art business
Subscribe by the month or by the year (save big!)

The Better Than Cheese All Access Pass
is made for artists who want to get access to information when they need it, as they need it, to grow their businesses FAST

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this programme different?
Think of this less like a programme and more like a streaming service for professional artists. You get access to the materials for as long as you stay subscribed.

So is this a class that I have to plan on attending?
No. It’s a series of videos and articles you can access whenever you need them from whatever device you have on hand (phone, tablet or computer).

Do I really have to commit for a year?
Nope. You can subscribe from month to month. It’s just cheaper if you go for the year.

Do I need a website for this?
If you don’t have one, don’t panic – there’s a module about websites to help you get started.

I haven’t made much art, will this work for me?
You should have a body of work of at least 10-15 pieces that are consistent, saleable and professional quality. If you’re not there yet, don’t worry because you can learn from the lessons as you’re making more art.

What currency do you charge in?
While I am in Canada, I work with clients around the world so I charge in USD.

What is your refund policy?
All payments are non refundable.

*this link opens to another website where the content lives