Episode 1 – Fi Marks

I never dreamed I would become a sought after international artist!

My journey has had many twists and turns (like the tales I tell through paint). As a child I always wanted to be an actress, however much of my time was spent with books and pencils, history and fashion being a huge passion of mine.

And yes, I went on to study drama and acted for a while before becoming a teacher in London. My time in education was consumed with promoting creativity and the arts at the centre of the school curriculum. Directing productions, teaching art and dance was where my passion was.

Then one day a friend asked me to join her on a weekend art course. This changed my life forever.

I loved it! And promptly got a beginners art pack. That summer I drew and painted every day and my own unique style began to emerge, pulling on all I had been passionate about during my life.

That autumn I started participating in art fairs and selling my art.

Three years ago I left my teaching job and became a professional artist.

Covid hit and I was painting full time. A Spanish artist saw my work and reached out to me. She insisted my art should be out there and selling. She recommended a free 5 day challenge run by Paula in her previous business on marketing art on social media.

I was totally dedicated and within two months my first international sale from America came.

Since then I haven’t looked back – selling over 70 pieces in the past year.

I know this is the life I should be leading and can’t wait to see where this amazing life will take me.

When you become part of the Fi Marks art world, you become full of joy and know anything is possible.





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