Episode 18 – Artistic Illuminator Steve Brookes

After a 40-year career in horticulture—primarily as a landscape designer—in 2017 I had a ‘lightbulb moment’ (pun definitely intended!) and began to hand-craft unique, art-led lighting solutions. This has earned me the moniker of an ‘Artistic Illuminator’ 💡

My creations are predominantly industrial-style lamps made from galvanised malleable iron and brass pipe fittings. My pieces are nearly always character-led and many are client commissions—providing one-of-a-kind gifts for special birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc.

I started creating lighting in 2017—initially just a few book and bottle lamps to help light up Steph’s stand at events. Then I rediscovered that the galvanised iron pipe fittings I remembered from my youth. So, with the trend for industrial and steampunk-style décor, I embarked on designing & making my own range of character pipe lamps.

Although there is a limited range of sizes and angles available with pipe fittings, I strive to convey something of the essence of the particular character I’m creating. I can epitomise virtually anything in pipe lamp form! My creations have included animals, rock stars (complete with miniature replica guitars), sporting personalities and sci-fi & fantasy film heroes.

Integrating the lamp’s switch somewhere you would not expect, is also something I love to do. And if the switch still isn’t obvious? Then there’s a good chance that the lamp is magically touch-sensor . I also present a fun, Instagram Live show every Sunday at 5pm (UK time)—often with an exciting guest!