Episode 19 – Divine Feminine Artist Katerina Kestemont

My name is Katerina and I am based in the beautiful town Montreux.

In 2011, I separated from my partner and I fell into a dark place, a tv series and art has helped me find myself again.

Let me explain a little bit. In 2016, In a second hand store, I received 6 seasons of the tv show Supernatural, as a gift. That same evening I watched it. Never ever! Had I been hit so hard in the feels. I cried my heart out, big healing sobs.

Through the show I made online friends, and I started drawing and painting again! It was amazing to find back to my passion. . Creating fan art in graphite pencil, allowed me to connect with other fans of my favourite shows, but somehow I felt something was missing, a way to express my souls calling.

That’s why on June 22nd, 2018, I decided to draw a doodle, every day, for a WHOLE year. My intention? Getting better at drawing, get faster and become more sure with my line work. What I discovered was that I love to draw women’s bodies.

I found a love of working with watercolours to represent our divine feminine, something that lives in each and every one of us, be you in a female or masculine form right now.

It feels like my soul is speaking directly through me, I can feel it right now writing this. It’s peaceful and all encompassing. Something I wish for you all to feel when you look upon my art. . My art has changed my belief in myself, it brings me so much joy and happiness.