Episode 22 – Artist Louise Barson

Louise Barson was born in the South Manchester suburb of Timperley, living and working around the UK before moving to Haughton in beautiful rolling countryside near Chester, Cheshire in 2021.
With a childhood spent either exploring the natural world in the fields, woods and streams near her home with her dog or her nose in a book imagining different lives and stories,. Louise has always had a keen eye for details and colour. It was important for Louise to create an independent life and she took on three jobs to save enough money to see herself through University. Louise obtained her professional accountancy exams and later a second degree when working. A 30 year successful corporate career, then running her own consultancy business left Louise with little spare time but she enjoyed visiting art galleries and exhibitions. She was able to use her creative flair in her role providing solutions and ideas to help businesses run successfully and by attending the occasional stained glass and ceramics workshops and from 2012 fused glass workshops.

Completely self-taught, Louise began painting in 2017 after recovering from her cancer and after the deaths over a 5 month period of her parents and shortly after, her younger brother. These life changi ng events led her to take stock and re-evaluate her life and career and Louise felt that she didn’t want to put retired on her passport renewal so listed her occupation as artist. So she had to become one!

In 2017, Louise bought watercolour materials and began experimenting with them. Firstly, by painting 52 Christmas cards for her and her husband Andy to give to friends and family then moving to larger artwork and exploring other mediums as acrylic and mixed media. Her first sale was 6 months later after posting one of her rainbow animal paintings on social media. This led to Louise’s first commission, painting a client’s house in watercolour and more followed. From painting people’s treasured pets to places with great meaning for clients such as a French wedding chateau, The Tyne Bridges, Victoria Falls in Acrylic

Over the following years, Louise has become a prolific painter with a truly unique style. Her paintings are full of colour and joy and take inspiration from the natural world around her. She has enjoyed taking part in local art exhibitions and also been delighted to have work selected by judges for exhibitions at Stockport Art Gallery, Home Art Gallery in Manchester, Ellesmere College Art Exhibition and created and delivered a design for a large sculpture for a town Art Trail

Louise continues to paint the subject matter she loves, capturing her observations of the world around her Louise has a loyal in client base, including some international clients, who appreciate the nuances of her work and take great joy from watching her style evolve over time. Louise likes to share her passion for art with her clients and helping other people discover their joy of colour and mark making in 1 to 1 or small group workshops in her Art studio.