Episode 28 – Artist H. Adele Campbell

Adele started her artistic journey in 2017, pursuing a focus on contemporary visual art using acrylic mediums, and is based out of London, Ontario. Some of the most significant works inspired Adele at the Louvre in Paris and throughout Europe. After creating, promoting, and selling her first piece online in 2018 she quit a corporate leadership role to pursue her passion for creativity full-time.

Adele found her artistic voice in the beauty of nature and the wings of a butterfly as a means to express her unique perspective of the world. She aims to capture life as seen through the eyes of a child. Adele has continued to showcase her collection online where she has grown a global audience of collectors and admirers.

Having completed and obtained certification as an Art Therapist in 2019, Adele has worked and shared online art studio immersion videos and mindful art-based inspiration, which led to the development of an online art-based therapeutic wellness curriculum and in-person Art and Wellness retreats.

More recently Adele has expanded her creative focus to include interior paint design and wallpaper installation where she offers an experience for her clients to add colour, texture, and patterns that express their personality while elevating the spaces they inhabit.