Episode 32 – Creative Entrepreneur Luke Martin

Luke Martin is an aspiring entrepreneur, an outdoor enthusiast, and a community builder. Luke found a love for business at a young age. His ideal job as a kid was always an inventor, in his young twenties, he has now aligned these inventor aspirations into starting impactful businesses and helping others build theirs.

He currently runs a clothing and home goods brand called “adore.” that focuses on supporting local artists and creators. With a sister company called “love your friends studios” the goal for the brand is to become a hub for all creators and find any way to support them. Last month the company put on an art gallery that showcased 4 of the “adore artists”. With the sales of the clothes pushing the brand, all art sale profits were able to go directly to the artists. The company is currently working on their second season of goods while working on a concert to showcase some local musicians.

On the side, Luke Loves to get out of the city as much as possible, kayaking and canoeing and creating films. He enjoys working with children with disabilities and finds passion in teaching others about the outdoors.