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Episode 6 – Artist Cindy Porter

Cindy Porter, an Animal Artist and Akashic Records Guide based in Melbourne, Australia.
She has an extensive 20+ years background in mixed media and product education. Woking for both Australian and international art/paint manufacturers.
Cindy creates her art to ignite a connection to our animal friends, who she believes help heal our souls. Her art expresses that heart-warming innate connection between our human soul and the animal spirit. She brings animals to life through joy, colour, and passion with her expressive animal paintings.
Her Akashic Records & bespoke paintings sessions combine her 3 main loves; art, animals and helping others; in these sessions she will guide you to meet your spirit animal and immortalise them in a bespoke painting for you. Animal Spirit Guides are powerful members of our spiritual support team. They work to empower us, help us overcome fears, and lend us their specific wisdom, strength, and characteristics to support us on our life’s journey.