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How NOT to sell your art

how not to sell your art

There is so much information about how to sell your art out there that it can get confusing. But there are definitely hard and fast rules about how to NOT sell your art, which I’ll be covering right now.

The most obvious one is don’t hijack someone else’s post and promote your art in the comments.

I’ve had this happen on my business page and my personal one. It’s totally understandable that you might want to put your art in front of a new audience, with enthusiasm, but all people see is someone who has no manners and is socially unaware.

Don’t post images of your art that are blurry, or too dark or light. Don’t include a cluttered background. Don’t make it hard for people to see how wonderful your art it. With today’s phone cameras, there’s no excuse for bad photos.

Don’t post your art and leave out the info.

What’s it made of? How big is it? How much is it? How does someone buy it? Leaving your audience guessing will have them scroll away.

Don’t send DMs to your friends and followers and tell them to buy your art. Just no. It’s rude and pushy and no one is going to buy from the annoying person.

Don’t post your art once and wait for the universe to sell it for you.

That’s not how marketing works. You need to be actively growing your audience, posting your art multiple times and using stories to help people connect with the things you make.

Don’t use IF in your call to action. “If you want to buy this DM me” or “if interested, click here”. Right there you’ve turned people off because it assumes the default of not being interested so they have to change their mind to buy.

And most of all, don’t assume that everyone who breathes air is the right audience for your art.

Make sure you have your ideal client avatar created. Make sure you know your unique selling point. Make sure you know which social media platform to focus on and how to wield it like a pro.

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