learn how to set financial goals, set your social media up right, and even what to post all in this easy to read & easy to use e-book

Okay, so let's do a reality check

You know art businesses can be incredibly successful businesses and you’re prepared to learn the skills you’re missing
You know there’s an audience for your art and you just need to learn how to reach it
You’re ambitious and you want information you can use today because you’re not ready to waste another minute

Hi, I’m Paula Telizyn, And I’m on a mission to help you have the art career you never thought you could have

An art business isn't any more difficult to set up and run than any other business; the reason so many artists struggle is because they haven't learned marketing!

My e-book, Kickstart Your Online Art Biz, will help you get your social media marketing set up and running fast, so you can get the recognition and sales your art deserves.

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Learn how to set up goals you can reach, including financial ones, so that you know exactly how much art you need to sell each month
Clear instructions on how to set up your social media pages on any platform
How to write a sales post that actually gets sales
The one thing you can do right now to start building a following of raving fans

The Kickstart Your Online Art Biz e-book
is made for artists who want to get up and running on social media FAST and without wasting time making mistakes and learning the hard way

Only $9 US and ready to download so there's no waiting. Click the button to purchase