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Ready to change everything? There’s a hack for that

Ready to change everything? there's a hack for that

While it can feel like a lot of things in the world are outside of your control, and they are, there’s one thing you can do to ensure you create success for yourself: take responsibility for it.

When you run a business, no matter which kind of business you run, the buck stops with you.

Your mindset, your skill set, your reach all start and finish with you. Even if you hire a coach like me, or take online courses, the things you learn can only help you if you apply them.

A few years back, I had a coach who would do live “hot seats” in her group. People would jump on her live and ask for help in their businesses. Often someone would come on & say her methods didn’t work & they weren’t getting any new clients.

This coach would then ask, “are you actually doing the work?” which was invariably answered with a yes. So the coach would continue to probe by asking: “Are you doing XYZ every day?” to which would be a “sometimes” or “not every day” answer.

These people would blame the coach for a system they said didn’t work, but in fact they weren’t doing the work. They weren’t taking ownership. They just assumed that buying the programme and basking in the coach’s energy would be enough.

As business owners, we have full control over how we handle things from our marketing to our systems to our admin.

We get to choose whether we use excuses or not, like my favourite: “no one is buying art right now.”

(Hint: they are and this is just an excuse for poor sales)

When you find yourself making excuses in your business, does it make you feel powerless? Like a boat on the ocean without a rudder or engine?

Here’s the hack you’ve been waiting for: you are 100% responsible for the success you create in your business.

You are NOT powerless, floating along and a victim to circumstance.

How does that feel when you think about it? What happens when you say it out loud: “I am 100% responsible for my success.”

If your art is not selling, figure out how to change things for you. What steps can you take that will change things for the better?

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