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The size & quality of your audience matters

The size and quality of your audience matters

If your art isn’t selling, or isn’t selling enough right now, it’s easy to think that no one is buying art. The reality is your audience is probably to blame.

Check your numbers first of all. How many people follow you? How many people are engaged with your posts (likes and comments)?

Of all your followers, only 1-10% of your followers will actually purchase your art. Usually it’s closer to the 1% mark. Scary, right?

Not really, because if you know you need larger numbers, it’s easy enough to go and get them. But wait! let’s also make sure they are the right people. If your audience is mostly made up of family, friends or other artists, you don’t have a quality audience.

You want to put your art in front of enough people who will actually like what you make and want to buy it.

This is what I mean by saying the size and quality of your audience matters.

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