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When is being inspired by someone just straight up copying?

When is being inspired just straight up copying

There’s a saying: good artists borrow, great artists steal

What I think most people miss is the idea that this isn’t permission to take someone’s idea & rejig it as their own. Instead it’s to leap from the idea & explore it more deeply so that when those 2 ideas are held side by side one isn’t a weak copy of the other

As artists it can be hard to look around and see people thriving doing different things & you think that maybe it’s the thing that person is doing that is creating the success

Spoiler alert it’s not

It’s why we have fads in art, like paint pouring, but only a handful of artists who have actually made that fad into something incredible and uniquely theirs

We all influence each other, so it’s important to examine our ideas & see where we can go deeper, trusting our knowledge and experience in the process. The successful artist understands the WHY behind their work. WHY they create, WHY it matters to other people. They know WHAT they are trying to say & work towards saying it

When you’re copying, that WHY simply isn’t there. You might think it is, but on closer examination it loses its shape

I’ve been copied recently, and I know a few other people who have been as well, & it’s frustrating when you come across it. This person just restated my idea in their own words without adding anything at all to the idea or passion behind it.

I do know that in the long game, they won’t get far because their ideas are being generated by me and I’ve bumped them out of my circle to let them starve

A few years ago one of my clients copied an entire course I made She was immediately blocked. I just saw her & she’s not doing anything further with that course or any others. Cut off from her source, she couldn’t create by herself

If you’re being copied, starve the beast. If YOU are copying it’s time to stop

It’s time to start trusting that you are enough to create your own work. Go examine your WHY as well as your ideal client & unique selling point. Get those nailed down and you’ll create your own success

There are almost 8 billion people in this world imagine how cool it would be if each of us owned our voices instead of trying to be like someone else