You’re an ambitious artist with dreams, and you want to make them real
You absolutely love being an artist
And you’re ready to do the work required to make your art business profitable?
Then maybe we should talk…

Hi, I’m Paula Telizyn, and I can help you have the art career you never thought you could have

Is this you?

Your art is good and people say they love it – but the sales aren’t flowing in the way you think they should be

Each time you check social media, you see artists selling out their collections as soon as they’ve shared them – and you wonder what they’ve got, that you don’t

You have big dreams and you’re ready to make them happen in a major way – but you don’t know what steps to take and what to focus your time on

I see this all the time:

Highly talented artists, with enormous motivation, not afraid to do a bit of marketing, putting in the hours, and yet…

Somehow, you just can’t seem to get traction.

No matter what you try, no matter how much you post on social media, or how many galleries you reach out to:

Something’s off. It just doesn’t seem to work.

But the other artists you see, they seem to be making it, so: what gives?

Want to know the secret to selling your art in 2023?

You need a plan, follow-through and consistency, even when it feels like no one wants your art… yet.
Because the truth is, even in today’s economy, people are still buying art!
The trick is to work off a plan, one that gets you in front of those people who have the income to buy your work.
A plan that doesn’t just make you visible to them, but that also shows them that your art has value and will hold its value.
A plan like that enables you to persistently take action, day by day, whether you sell a piece or not on any given day. 
With that persistence, you do what every successful artist does: showing up consistently, building up your audience; footprint; reputation; and word-of-mouth.
Put differently: You’ll be doing all the little things, that over time build up to an art business. And one day you realise:
“Hey now – I actually have a thriving art career!”

Sounds complicated?

It’s really not. But it does require a plan that gets followed.
And that’s where I come in.
Over the last 2 decades, I’ve owned and run several successful businesses – as an artist selling my own work, but I’ve also owned a web development agency and various enterprises teaching the business and marketing side of being an artist.
And because of the experience that gave me, I can provide you with a plan that lays out each step for you to take, in order to create an art career you so far only dreamed of.
With my help – and a tonne of your own elbow-grease – you too can do all the right things, in the right order, and build the business you’ve always wanted.

Okay, so let's do a reality check

You want to be a successful artist, and you’re willing to embrace your power to make it happen
You’re willing and ready to do the work to market your business even on days when you don’t feel like it
You have a consistent body of work and your work already sells
If that’s you, then maybe we were meant to work together. 
Because I developed a simple, tested, and very effective strategy, that shows you exactly which steps to take, and in which order. 
You’ll never again randomly try marketing tactics and see them fail, because my Artist Accelerator Programme shows you exactly what to do.

The Artist Accelerator Programme:
one-on-one online art business mentoring for artists who are ready to do the work

If you want to:

Get the training you need to get visible, and to pitch the media, galleries and the right buyers
Receive personal support for your business on a weekly basis
Create an income with your art that you can count on

Then the Artist Accelerator Programme is for you


THREE months of personal business-growth support and coaching from an art-business veteran
Weekly one to one coaching and ask-me-anything, so that you get the answers you need perfect for your business right now
CUSTOM training and feedback designed to take your business to the next level, fast
Guidance to make the big moves so you don’t waste years faffing about

The Artist Accelerator Programme: if you do the work, you will make yourself and your art more visible

The Artist Accelerator Programme

ONE payment
$ 4499
one time payment

The Artist Accelerator Programme

3x MONTHLY payments
$ 1599 3 payments over 3 months

Payment is in USD

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this programme different?
This is a custom made one to one programme which gives you business and mindset support so you can grown your art business with confidence.

So is this a class that I have to plan on attending?
No. It’s weekly, one hour coaching and support to help you run your business.

What if I don’t want to work with galleries?
When you sign up, we’ll have a Zoom meeting where you can tell me what you want. I’ll tailor the training to match your goals so you can reach them faster.

Do I really have to commit for 3 months?
Yes. One off, spot training can only get you so far. If you’re committed to your business and growth, the three months will be a game changer for you.

When you pay, you are agreeing to this condition.

Do I need a website for this?
You should have a website that isn’t just an Etsy or other kind of out of the box shop. 

I haven’t made much art, will you still work with me?
You should have a body of work of at least 10-15 pieces that are consistent, saleable and professional quality. If you’re not there yet, make some more art and reach out to me when you’re ready.

I also require you to have sold art first. You may be relatively new to an art business but it’s important to have some experience.

What currency do you charge in?
While I am in Canada, I work with clients around the world so I charge in USD.

What is your refund policy?
Access to my one to one coaching programme is 3 months long with an option to renew if we both agree. When you sign up, you are committing to 3 monthly payments, or one lump sum, whether you use the service or not. All payments are non refundable.